The Why, from friends and family!!



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I’ve been asked the WHY! The answer is complex. If I say, nature, finding something that goes deeper than myself, finding a purpose, an answer in the solitude while walking, some will come back and say, well why go so far? Why not find a place closer to home? The truth is I don’t know how to answer that. All I know is that all of the above is MY WHY. I see things and feel things differently than others might, but I can’t help who I am and what I carry in my heart. I can sit and write for hours, others just don’t enjoy even writing a few sentences. Some might enjoy just watching TV, or going fishing, well don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching TV, but I’ve come to a point where I get bored just sitting there, I get tired of watching life go by from the inside. For me, there has to be more to life than being a Mother and a Grandmother. I’ve raised my children as best as I could on my own, I am trying to be the “bestest” grandmother my babies could ever have, but without them, WHO IS CECY? What are her dreams, her passions, the real Me? What will be her legacy? How does she want to be remembered when she’s gone? I would like to be able to teach my children and grandchildren that anything can be accomplished, that they should be more aware of their minds and their hearts, to reach for the stars while they are young, to pursue their dreams. I want to teach them not to go through life “stressing” over the little things, that love and family are the main things in life but that even though life is not easy it is our one chance to live in the moment.  That we get wrapped up in material things and the more we have the more we want and that is when the real things are missed.

How would you answer the WHY question? I know I’m not the only one that is asked this question, especially a woman that is planning to walk the Camino alone, what would your description be? Let’s share what’s in our hearts and the tugging of the call.

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Happy Reading!!


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