The Shopping Begins!!


Some of the following posts will be a bit more light-hearted, I want to transmit my “kid in a candy store” emotions while getting what I need!! Let’s take a ride and enjoy my silly side!!

kid candy

January 09, 2016

On January 9, 2016 I walked into the REI store, it was a bit overwhelming, sooo much stuff to look at, sooo many choices. I asked a salesman if he would help me with choosing a backpack, I knew by my research that I would need to get “measured”, yes, I’m going into an unknown world for me, (laughing). I didn’t realize all it took to get prepared for a “backpacking” trip, geez…he was very nice, of course the first thing he said was “you need to get measured” nooo, really!!! So he helped me strap the backpack measuring thingy (haha)…and he concluded I was a medium, I haven’t been a medium for ANYTHING in a long time…so that was exciting!!! Lol. We then proceeded to go and look at some of the backpacks, he showed me one it was “PURPLE”, and yeah I liked that!!! I put it on and as he is helping me with the million and one straps this thing has on it, I felt so lost and a little silly that I had no idea what all those straps were for. It felt good and seemed to fit well, he explained to things to look for when shopping around. He then proceeded to show me some bed liners and showed me how it would fit in the backpack. I am sure I had the “dear with headlights” look on my face, I sure felt like one. I took a deep breath and decided NOT to purchase the backpack yet and walked toward the back where the shoes were, not as overwhelming, but not a lot to choose from either. I tried on a pair, went a half size larger, just like advised on a forum for the Camino, they felt good, walked a few steps and decided to take them home with me. I also bought a pair of socks, a hat and some “kool-ties” I found on sale, some cute stuff haha.


my stuff


January 11, 2016

On January 11, 2016 I took my shoes with me to work, I have been walking around our parking lot, so I was going to test my shoes…oh boy, not the same feeling like when I was at the store, they felt heavy and huge on my feet. I felt like I was walking with weights on my feet or “Donald ducks” big orange flippers!!! Not a good feeling, my leg also starting hurting I couldn’t even finish my 5 laps (3.5 miles). The next day I switched back to my regular walking shoes and my leg was fine, so I will be taking the Anhu shoes back. When I got home I had received my trekking poles, it was funny because I ordered them “purple” but there isn’t even a hint of purple on them, they’re PINK!!! I also received two “pilgrim credentials” with their own little protective plastic cover and a small journal with the Camino de Santiago Logo. Yes, this is all before even booking my flight.





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