Blank Page

The credential below  is called the Pilgrims Passport, you carry this with you along your walk, you are supposed to get it stamped, at the hostels, café’s, churches, etc…this is proof that you have walked the Camino and if you walk even the last 100km you get a “Compostela”…a certificate validating your journey!

blank credencial

In our lives when you receive the gift of seeing another morning, you wake up with a “blank” page, for me, this means another day of forgetting about the previous day, a chance for me to leave the pains of the day behind, to correct any mistakes I might’ve made, to start the day with a new light and new hope.  I have another chance to thank God for blessing me with the breath of life!!

My journey through Spain will start with a blank credential, it reminds me of when I took my kids to Disney, my daughter had an “autograph” book, she began with a blank book and throughout the day she took a picture with the characters and then they signed her book, the excitement on her face was priceless.  I know this may not be the best comparison but just like my daughter felt when she looked up at Mickey Mouse and the princesses, throughout my walk I will be looking up and thanking God for allowing me to walk through these places, the excitement and the honor of being able to be present in that moment will be priceless. As I wait for the day when I take off comes, I am living the Camino through the eyes of other pilgrims already walking or have walked the Way. There seems so much to see, I am aware that I will not see everything but I feel that I am walking and living what I am supposed to in 2016.  This will give me a glimpse of more journeys’ to come because I believe that part of my soul will be staying behind on those mountains, those valleys and any “albergue” I will be staying at throughout my walk.


At the end of my “first” Camino my pilgrim passport should look something like the one below. Of course, the longer the distance, the more stamps you will collect.


6 thoughts on “Blank Page

      1. Lol! I intended to read your blog some time ago. You know what they say, things happen when they are suppose to. I love how you write. I wish I did a better job on my own. You are inspiring! I’ll check back after the weekend!


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