You have been seeing some posts regarding the Camino and how it’s been calling me, tugging at my heart. I began buying some things but doubts still filled my head, will I really be able to go?  Well on January 26th I made it official, flights were on sale so after looking at flights and prices for a few months I finally hit the BUY button!!!! I don’t think I have ever felt what I felt that day, having booked my flight literally took my breath away, I printed out the itinerary and looked at it with my name on it. I wanted to burst out and cry, but tears of joy. I was also nervous because now it was more than just a “plan” or a “dream”, this paper in my hands meant that I had made my reservation to make it a REALITY, so all the excitement of just “thinking” about going and now actually buying the tickets made it all just so surreal!!!

Have you ever felt this way? To have a dream be closer to being a reality is a giant step not just for me but for so many people out there. We always hear dreams do come true but for so many people those dreams never become a reality, what do you think people should do when they have lost hope of making some of these true? I would love to hear some of  your stories on how you made some of your dreams come true!! Thanks for stopping by!!



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