Beauty out of ashes!!!


My intention for this Camino is to be free, free from the past, free from the pain of what could’ve been, free to finally be who I truly am and go through life LIVING and not just existing…I can now share my poem as we are all in one way or another looking for beauty from the ashes!!!

So many layers of ash
Fell over me for years.
In a coma my soul has been.

Out of the dust
Layers of ash from the past,
Pushing the ash as I walked
Dust only blinding my path.

Out of the dust
Plowing through the ash in my soul
I’m coming out of the coma,
Veil of ash lifting from my eyes.

Out of the dust
Coming into the present,
Creating beauty from the ashes
I now walked out of the Dust.

Isaiah 61.3
Written by Cecy de Leon


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