It’s been 5 months since I went on my Camino. I have shared some of my story with family and friends but had not touched the keyboard to write about my Camino.  I am not sure why the words wouldn’t come.  I’ve wrote a few things on the APOC and Camigas pages which I have been told that I inspired a few Camigas with my words. But I just couldn’t get to writing about the experience. I guess I just wasn’t ready to share with everyone else. My Camino was physically and mentally challenging. It was also physically and emotionally painful, but, it also allowed me to see what I was capable of and taught me some hard lessons about ASKING FOR HELP FOR MYSELF!!!

I met a couple of women last week and as the conversation went on, I mentioned I had gone on a “Spiritual Walk” in Spain and right away she asked if this was Santiago de Compostela and of course I said YES!!! After we discussed what our meeting was actually about, the Camino came back into the conversation and I told them a few things about my walk, a little about the physically pain I felt as well as the brokenness I felt as I ate alone in each town. I shared the lessons that the Camino was teaching me early on and as I get teary eyed in certain parts, both of them at the same time told me.  OMG you HAVE TO SHARE YOUR STORY, you are inspiring us just with what you are sharing now.  So, after being told by several times I HAD TO SHARE MY STORY I have decided to start writing and sharing MY CAMINO!!!  I believe that I am ready to finally tell the story of my Camino.  Hope my story inspires others to walk this pilgrimage at least ONCE in their lifetime!!!

With love, lets begin!!





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