Walking into Spain!

I know it has been a while but I’m back to continue to re-live my journey through Spain.

I went through that scary tunnel, but it was a short walk through there, you come out the other side and walk up to the border between Portugal and Spain.  I had been looking at pictures of the bridge which were breathtaking and now, on that day, I was there, right in front of that same bridge about to cross into Spain. I thought i was still dreaming.  My selfies are still not perfect but here are some pictures of this amazing bridge and its surrounding waters. The views of part of the Rio Mouro were just beautiful.  I stood there for a few minutes, just taking it all in.  I was in no hurry.

When you go through life rushing or so busy trying to raise a family, working on healing broken hearts, forgiving others for the wrong done to you or forgiving yourself for any wrong done to others, you miss out on the beauty of life, the small things go past you without notice.  You always hear those famous words, “stop and smell the roses” but when you are so used to just existing, those words go in one ear and out the other.

But at that moment, nothing else mattered; I stopped to admire the view, standing still, if only for a few minutes. I lost myself in thought, finding peace with the sight of the blue waters that seemed to go on and on!


I finally crossed the bridge, slowly, crossed paths with a couple of pilgrims and said my first “Buen Camino.”  Once across the bridge, I was in Spain, the first thing I come to is a sign reminding me what I was doing there “CAMINO DE SANTIAGO.”  I had to make sure I was looking for the little yellow arrows so I wouldn’t get lost.  As I was about to turn a corner, there was a gas station and I was thirsty so I stopped to get some bottled water.  I still felt so clumsy with my pack and my walking poles, thank God my arm/shoulder were not hurting and I can maneuver enough to slide my pack back into place.

I came up to this castle looking building which is actually a cathedral. Santa Maria de la Asuncion, here is a little bit of history of this Romanesque and Gothic-style Catholic church.

tui catedral

This Roman Catholic church is in the Tui region of Galicia, Spain. It is located at Plaza de San Fernando in the center of the town.


Construction began in the 12th century and the North portal and layout derive from this age. The main facade (1225) however is of a later Gothic style. The main chapel located in the choir was completed in 1699 by Castro Canseco. The interior has a large prominent retablo de la Expectacion, and a large altar of relics in the Chapel of the Relics. The cloister is in Gothic style.


  1. Jump up ^ Diocese of Tui-Vigo, entry on church.



And here is where I had my first and ONLY weird/creepy encounter haha.  As I admired the cathedral I wanted to take a “selfie”, but as you might have noticed, still a work in progress in that department!! So this man approached me and asked if I wanted him to take a picture for me and I said yes, well he kinda got too close and was rearranging my hair and I’m like, uhmmm you are way too close to me!!!! But i said, whatever, just take the picture so I can go on my way and of course I am not too fond of taking picture of myself, but the end result was not so bad, at the end of the day, this is who I am and it didn’t matter anymore what my appearance was.  I was walking in Spain and nothing else mattered.


I stopped in the Camino office and then I went on my way.  As I walked within the town and walking on stone streets all I could think of is, wow, I felt I was walking into Roman times, I felt like at the end of the street I would come up to see Jesus. The feeling of walking though here is like nothing I have felt before.  Now I wish I’ve taken more time to see more of the town, to have seen inside the grounds of the cathedral.  All this just means that I will have to go back, right?

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