Taxi picked me up and took me into O’Porrino, he tried, bless his heart, to calm me down by telling me it was all going to be okay.  He took me to my first “pension” it was a private one, he helped me with my backpack, I paid him and he took off.  At the Pension I encountered more compassion, I was still crying, just felt horrible and such a failure.  She told me that she would give me a room all to myself so that I could just relax and not worry about anyone seeing me so emotional.  The room had 6 beds and no one else came into that room.  She was getting ready to leave for the night so she gave me a simple map of where to go have some dinner after washing up.  I went into the room and just sat there, crying and wrote some words on my journal.  My toes were hurting so bad, I didn’t know why, so I took off my shoes and my socks and looked at my toes…uhmm they did not look NORMAL, my toenails were swollen around the cuticle area, wasn’t sure what was going on, I figured I was just tired of all that walking.  I hit the showers, which were like the showers at the gym, all you had to do was push the nob to get the water going…uhmmm yeah, the water was HOT and there was no turning left or right to make it just warm.  I kept pushing it and it was just super hot, I went to the other showers and they were all the same, hot water.  That’s the quickest shower I’ve ever taken with HOT WATER.  After I was done and out of the showers I noticed the sign (please let the water run a few times to get warm water, water will be HOT) Yupp, a little too late haha!!  Got dressed and I put my flip flops on and I decided to go venture out, I was hungry.  I came up to what looked like a plaza, people everywhere, kids just having fun.  I went up to a place and found a table to sit down…I wasn’t sure what to order and I came across (MILANEZA) well at least it was a safe plate, hehe, I got my milaneza with French fries and I sat there and ate, yes, alone.


I looked around and the thing that caught my attention was that everyone around me was looking UP!  People were actually TALKING to each other, laughing, connecting, made me miss my youth, the time when we didn’t have any cell phones, when you actually made eye contact with people, the time when you didn’t come home until right before dark because you were so busy playing or hanging out outside with no interference by technology.

I paid for my meal and left a tip, the waitress ran after me because I left her TOO much. Go figure, too much tip, that’s a first for me.  I smiled and said no, it’s okay, have an amazing evening.  She looked at me like I was crazy, it took me a couple of times of pushing her hand away with the bill to convince her it was ok.

I went back to the Pension, went up to my room and decided to wash my clothes and hang them outside, it was a cool night so I doubted that they would be completely dry by the morning.  I sat in the small dinning area they had and wrote a few lines in my journal. There were a few people around and I tried to talk to a couple of them but they would pretty much say hi and turn away.  I am normally not that hard to start-up a conversation so I wasn’t sure what was happening.  Was I trying too hard? Did I look intimidating, like my son always tells me?  I doubted it, because I felt  so lost that the last thing I would do is intimidate someone.  I stayed there for a while and I finally just decided to go to bed.  My toes were killing me, but again, I just thought I was tired and thought that they would feel better in the morning.  Boy was I wrong!!!

I will spare you from seeing my poor toes!!! haha

Day 2 coming up next!!


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