Will questions be answered?


I posted these questions back in August 2016, before I left on my Camino.  I read them and I thought that they would never be answered.  Follow me to find out the answers because 7 months after returning, YES, I finally have the answers!!!

  • What is my intention for this trip?
    • My intention was to face my personal giants which the biggest ones were FEAR and doing things ALONE among others, which I will describe in more detail as I update my blog.
  • Will I find clarity?
  • Will I FEEL anything?
    • Would I feel anything, so far, my feelings are those of inadequacies, failure, loneliness, so out of shape. Any and all negative feelings you can think of.
    • I also felt overwhelmed by the beauty in front of me as I walked. These were bittersweet moments because I forgot to enjoy more of these feelings.
    • More of what I felt to come! Stay tuned!
  • Will I find peace?
  • Will I find myself?
  • Will I finally find the real Cecy?
  • What I really am all about?
  • Will I leave my past there?
  • Will my heart finally be WHOLE again?
  • So many questions in my head swirling and I just feel I am going in circles.
  • When people ask me who I really am, to be honest, I don’t really know.
  • What’s my passion? I am not sure, when I think about it, several things come to mind

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