Day 2 O’Porrino – Redondela

It was so hard for me to get up in the morning, my feet hurt, my legs hurt, my hands hurt, I think it would be safe and faster to say…I hurt from head to toe!!!

I finally got up, very, very slowly.  I went to the RR and there were a few people up already, I didn’t want to walk out by myself, it was still kinda dark, so I sat in my room waiting to hear people leaving.  I walked out of the room again and tried talking to a couple that I saw in the hall way, they didn’t speak English and they brushed me off with their arms.  So I went back to my room and arranged my pack, when it came time to put my shoes on, uhmmm yeah…it hurt!!! I had to suck it up, so took my butt downstairs and to my joy there were a lot more people about to walk out, so I asked a couple of girls if they wouldn’t mind if I walked with them, they kindly said, no problem.  We walked out to a crisp, chilly morning, as we walked along the sidewalk, we began to see so many people coming out of the Municipal Albergue across the street.  It was weird to see all these people heading the same direction.  All with their walking poles and their backpacks weighing on their backs, most of them in 2’s or in a group.  The girls I walked out with didn’t stick around long, they walked so fast I couldn’t keep up, so I was by myself quickly.

After a couple of hours of walking, I was hungry and needed coffee but the café’s were all closed, so just took some sips of water hoping it would calm my hunger.  So there I went, walking in pain and no food or coffee for energy.  I kept thinking I needed to figure out what to do in the mornings, I couldn’t do this every morning without at coffee, my body was going to need fuel.


The sunrise views and the mountains would make up for not having coffee ha, at least for a little while.  Check out the views!!




As I continued to walk UPHILL, not only my feet were in terrible pain but I took one step at a certain point and my knee just buckled.  I was like, really what the heck, am I this screwed up that now my knee is giving me hell?


I made it to MOS and as I sat there with my knee just all whack and of course my toes were just pulsing in pain by now, I looked to see the distance I still had to walk and my mind had already given up, so again, failure, I called a taxi and as he drove me to Redondela, he pointed out the uphill battle I would’ve had to face and sad to accept but there was no way I would’ve made it, I began to think that it probably wasn’t a good idea to go at it myself, there was no one to distract me from my brain telling me to quit.  He took me to a pension (I will update the name later), which unfortunately was not open yet so I had to look around to see where I could sit for a couple of hours.


I came up to a café and ordered a café con leche, they gave me a piece of cake and I ordered a croissant as well.  I was there for quite a while.

After a while a gentleman that entered the café walked by me and started to talk to me.  He asked me where I was originally from since I spoke fluent Spanish, as soon as he heard Mexico, he just started reminiscing about Mexican history, he told me several times how much he loved Mexico and it’s people.  He was a local and I felt blessed to be able to communicate well with the locals.  He was very sweet and we talked for quite a while.  He finally said good-bye and I went back to the pension.  I sat outside a little longer and finally was able to check in and go drop my backpack, rest for a while and take a shower.


Soon, other pilgrims began trickling in, I was in a room with 4 bunkbeds so I ended up bunking with 2 other ladies and a gentleman, which was weird haha, but he was a nice man, poor thing he opened the balcony doors and banged his head really bad, it cut his forehead so as good Samaritans one of the lady’s quickly took out the first aid kid.  A couple of us took a nap and I would finally go out in a group to have something to eat.  It’s funny we ended up at the place I had just had coffee, the company felt good but just weird, of course we all talked about our journey so far and when it came my turn I couldn’t hold back my tears as I was honest and told them I had to take a taxi, I felt so ashamed but if I lied I would only be lying to myself right?  They were very supportive, so I truly appreciated that.  They made me feel a little better and then we just sat there for what seemed for a long time.  They were drinking beer, one of them smoked like a chimney but she was fun to listen too.  One was from Germany, one from Scotland, one From Finland.  After them having a couple of beers, the gentleman that was our roommate came over and we decided to go look for a place to have dinner.  On our way to a restaurant we walked by a pharmacy and they patiently waited for me to go and get some stuff for my toes.


We finally came to what looked like a plaza and decided to sit outdoors, it was across from the park so there were people coming and going.  So what did I get, MILANEZA haha, it was the safest plate, being picky sucks, but it was good. I enjoyed the company and we all walked back to the pension to get some rest. I was so tired that now I realize that I missed out on seeing so much, but I couldn’t even fathom walking to go see anything if I had to get up in the morning to walk some more.

My Camino was not turning out like I planned, I know it was only my 2nd day of walking, but I was already feeling the loneliness, the walk by myself wasn’t too bad, maybe if I was with someone it would have been easier to keep going, I saw people walking and talking, so talking with someone could have been a distraction from the pain and the tiredness.  The hardest part was getting to a town and just being there, alone, my mind was winning, and my ego was just beating me up inside.  I had already called a taxi twice, I looked at my toes and had no clue what the heck was going on with them, they looked purple and swollen and HURT like hell.  Of course, the questions bombarded my head, what the heck were you thinking, how did you possibly think you could do this?  My brain was screaming loud, YOU ARE A FAILURE, YOU KNOW YOU NEVER FINISH ANYTHING.  Everyone back home is going to laugh at you and throw in your face the, “I TOLD YOU SO”.  How was I going to ever live this one down?  The hills are kicking your butt, face it, just go home, you don’t belong here!!

It didn’t help that I was eating only like once a day, that is not enough fuel to keep the pace up.  My body ached so bad, I felt so tired, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but never imagined it would be this hard, I know for others this is nothing but a walk in the park, but for me it was the hardest thing I had ever done.  But, tomorrow was another day and I would try again!

Thank you to all that are following this crazy adventure…lots more to come!!



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