Day 2 O’Porrino – Redondela

It was so hard for me to get up in the morning, my feet hurt, my legs hurt, my hands hurt, I think it would be safe and faster to say…I hurt from head to toe!!!

I finally got up, very, very slowly.  I went to the RR and there were a few people up already, I didn’t want to walk out by myself, it was still kinda dark, so I sat in my room waiting to hear people leaving.  I walked out of the room again and tried talking to a couple that I saw in the hall way, they didn’t speak English and they brushed me off with their arms.  So I went back to my room and arranged my pack, when it came time to put my shoes on, uhmmm yeah…it hurt!!! I had to suck it up, so took my butt downstairs and to my joy there were a lot more people about to walk out, so I asked a couple of girls if they wouldn’t mind if I walked with them, they kindly said, no problem.  We walked out to a crisp, chilly morning, as we walked along the sidewalk, we began to see so many people coming out of the Municipal Albergue across the street.  It was weird to see all these people heading the same direction.  All with their walking poles and their backpacks weighing on their backs, most of them in 2’s or in a group.  The girls I walked out with didn’t stick around long, they walked so fast I couldn’t keep up, so I was by myself quickly.

After a couple of hours of walking, I was hungry and needed coffee but the café’s were all closed, so just took some sips of water hoping it would calm my hunger.  So there I went, walking in pain and no food or coffee for energy.  I kept thinking I needed to figure out what to do in the mornings, I couldn’t do this every morning without at coffee, my body was going to need fuel.


The sunrise views and the mountains would make up for not having coffee ha, at least for a little while.  Check out the views!!




As I continued to walk UPHILL, not only my feet were in terrible pain but I took one step at a certain point and my knee just buckled.  I was like, really what the heck, am I this screwed up that now my knee is giving me hell?


I made it to MOS and as I sat there with my knee just all whack and of course my toes were just pulsing in pain by now, I looked to see the distance I still had to walk and my mind had already given up, so again, failure, I called a taxi and as he drove me to Redondela, he pointed out the uphill battle I would’ve had to face and sad to accept but there was no way I would’ve made it, I began to think that it probably wasn’t a good idea to go at it myself, there was no one to distract me from my brain telling me to quit.  He took me to a pension (I will update the name later), which unfortunately was not open yet so I had to look around to see where I could sit for a couple of hours.


I came up to a café and ordered a café con leche, they gave me a piece of cake and I ordered a croissant as well.  I was there for quite a while.

After a while a gentleman that entered the café walked by me and started to talk to me.  He asked me where I was originally from since I spoke fluent Spanish, as soon as he heard Mexico, he just started reminiscing about Mexican history, he told me several times how much he loved Mexico and it’s people.  He was a local and I felt blessed to be able to communicate well with the locals.  He was very sweet and we talked for quite a while.  He finally said good-bye and I went back to the pension.  I sat outside a little longer and finally was able to check in and go drop my backpack, rest for a while and take a shower.


Soon, other pilgrims began trickling in, I was in a room with 4 bunkbeds so I ended up bunking with 2 other ladies and a gentleman, which was weird haha, but he was a nice man, poor thing he opened the balcony doors and banged his head really bad, it cut his forehead so as good Samaritans one of the lady’s quickly took out the first aid kid.  A couple of us took a nap and I would finally go out in a group to have something to eat.  It’s funny we ended up at the place I had just had coffee, the company felt good but just weird, of course we all talked about our journey so far and when it came my turn I couldn’t hold back my tears as I was honest and told them I had to take a taxi, I felt so ashamed but if I lied I would only be lying to myself right?  They were very supportive, so I truly appreciated that.  They made me feel a little better and then we just sat there for what seemed for a long time.  They were drinking beer, one of them smoked like a chimney but she was fun to listen too.  One was from Germany, one from Scotland, one From Finland.  After them having a couple of beers, the gentleman that was our roommate came over and we decided to go look for a place to have dinner.  On our way to a restaurant we walked by a pharmacy and they patiently waited for me to go and get some stuff for my toes.


We finally came to what looked like a plaza and decided to sit outdoors, it was across from the park so there were people coming and going.  So what did I get, MILANEZA haha, it was the safest plate, being picky sucks, but it was good. I enjoyed the company and we all walked back to the pension to get some rest. I was so tired that now I realize that I missed out on seeing so much, but I couldn’t even fathom walking to go see anything if I had to get up in the morning to walk some more.

My Camino was not turning out like I planned, I know it was only my 2nd day of walking, but I was already feeling the loneliness, the walk by myself wasn’t too bad, maybe if I was with someone it would have been easier to keep going, I saw people walking and talking, so talking with someone could have been a distraction from the pain and the tiredness.  The hardest part was getting to a town and just being there, alone, my mind was winning, and my ego was just beating me up inside.  I had already called a taxi twice, I looked at my toes and had no clue what the heck was going on with them, they looked purple and swollen and HURT like hell.  Of course, the questions bombarded my head, what the heck were you thinking, how did you possibly think you could do this?  My brain was screaming loud, YOU ARE A FAILURE, YOU KNOW YOU NEVER FINISH ANYTHING.  Everyone back home is going to laugh at you and throw in your face the, “I TOLD YOU SO”.  How was I going to ever live this one down?  The hills are kicking your butt, face it, just go home, you don’t belong here!!

It didn’t help that I was eating only like once a day, that is not enough fuel to keep the pace up.  My body ached so bad, I felt so tired, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but never imagined it would be this hard, I know for others this is nothing but a walk in the park, but for me it was the hardest thing I had ever done.  But, tomorrow was another day and I would try again!

Thank you to all that are following this crazy adventure…lots more to come!!


Will questions be answered?


I posted these questions back in August 2016, before I left on my Camino.  I read them and I thought that they would never be answered.  Follow me to find out the answers because 7 months after returning, YES, I finally have the answers!!!

  • What is my intention for this trip?
    • My intention was to face my personal giants which the biggest ones were FEAR and doing things ALONE among others, which I will describe in more detail as I update my blog.
  • Will I find clarity?
  • Will I FEEL anything?
    • Would I feel anything, so far, my feelings are those of inadequacies, failure, loneliness, so out of shape. Any and all negative feelings you can think of.
    • I also felt overwhelmed by the beauty in front of me as I walked. These were bittersweet moments because I forgot to enjoy more of these feelings.
    • More of what I felt to come! Stay tuned!
  • Will I find peace?
  • Will I find myself?
  • Will I finally find the real Cecy?
  • What I really am all about?
  • Will I leave my past there?
  • Will my heart finally be WHOLE again?
  • So many questions in my head swirling and I just feel I am going in circles.
  • When people ask me who I really am, to be honest, I don’t really know.
  • What’s my passion? I am not sure, when I think about it, several things come to mind


Taxi picked me up and took me into O’Porrino, he tried, bless his heart, to calm me down by telling me it was all going to be okay.  He took me to my first “pension” it was a private one, he helped me with my backpack, I paid him and he took off.  At the Pension I encountered more compassion, I was still crying, just felt horrible and such a failure.  She told me that she would give me a room all to myself so that I could just relax and not worry about anyone seeing me so emotional.  The room had 6 beds and no one else came into that room.  She was getting ready to leave for the night so she gave me a simple map of where to go have some dinner after washing up.  I went into the room and just sat there, crying and wrote some words on my journal.  My toes were hurting so bad, I didn’t know why, so I took off my shoes and my socks and looked at my toes…uhmm they did not look NORMAL, my toenails were swollen around the cuticle area, wasn’t sure what was going on, I figured I was just tired of all that walking.  I hit the showers, which were like the showers at the gym, all you had to do was push the nob to get the water going…uhmmm yeah, the water was HOT and there was no turning left or right to make it just warm.  I kept pushing it and it was just super hot, I went to the other showers and they were all the same, hot water.  That’s the quickest shower I’ve ever taken with HOT WATER.  After I was done and out of the showers I noticed the sign (please let the water run a few times to get warm water, water will be HOT) Yupp, a little too late haha!!  Got dressed and I put my flip flops on and I decided to go venture out, I was hungry.  I came up to what looked like a plaza, people everywhere, kids just having fun.  I went up to a place and found a table to sit down…I wasn’t sure what to order and I came across (MILANEZA) well at least it was a safe plate, hehe, I got my milaneza with French fries and I sat there and ate, yes, alone.


I looked around and the thing that caught my attention was that everyone around me was looking UP!  People were actually TALKING to each other, laughing, connecting, made me miss my youth, the time when we didn’t have any cell phones, when you actually made eye contact with people, the time when you didn’t come home until right before dark because you were so busy playing or hanging out outside with no interference by technology.

I paid for my meal and left a tip, the waitress ran after me because I left her TOO much. Go figure, too much tip, that’s a first for me.  I smiled and said no, it’s okay, have an amazing evening.  She looked at me like I was crazy, it took me a couple of times of pushing her hand away with the bill to convince her it was ok.

I went back to the Pension, went up to my room and decided to wash my clothes and hang them outside, it was a cool night so I doubted that they would be completely dry by the morning.  I sat in the small dinning area they had and wrote a few lines in my journal. There were a few people around and I tried to talk to a couple of them but they would pretty much say hi and turn away.  I am normally not that hard to start-up a conversation so I wasn’t sure what was happening.  Was I trying too hard? Did I look intimidating, like my son always tells me?  I doubted it, because I felt  so lost that the last thing I would do is intimidate someone.  I stayed there for a while and I finally just decided to go to bed.  My toes were killing me, but again, I just thought I was tired and thought that they would feel better in the morning.  Boy was I wrong!!!

I will spare you from seeing my poor toes!!! haha

Day 2 coming up next!!



After walking through the town I was finally able to see more of the amazing views I would be enjoying on this trip, blue skies and grapes everywhere.


During my research some people said you didn’t need much training, others would say…train, train train!!! Well on my first day I would learn that I SHOULD HAVE DONE MORE TRAINING ha ha…


As I entered the dirt roads and what seemed like endless trees, I was feeling really good, taking pictures and still in shock that I was actually there, walking like so many others have done before me.  I didn’t feel weird on my own, I didn’t feel unsafe.  I noticed so many white little butterflies all around me, I felt they were my company along the way. At times it seemed like I was in a fairy tale forest with the trees covered in moss, I felt like all of a sudden I would see fairies flying by.  All was good until I came to my first part of walking UP, oh boy, as soon as my heart rate raced up, the first things out of my mouth were, “WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE?” “WHAT WAS I THINKING?”  Yeah, it was a little too late to turn back now right! But I remembered what others said too, it’s YOUR CAMINO, YOUR PACE! So guess what I did, I stopped, caught my breath and kept going.

Remember, I had NEVER done anything like this, did I mention NEVER!!!!

After walking for a few hours, I couldn’t and didn’t have the desire to even take pictures.  I was questioning everything, why in the world would I even think that I could do this.  I know I wrote the WHY but, all I could think at that moment was, I just couldn’t do it, I wanted to quit and it had only just begun.

I finally came up to a café, it was around noon. I saw some pilgrims sitting outside and I smiled as I walked by and went in to order something.  I had no idea what to get, I just felt so lost.  So, I ordered a coke and a ham and cheese sub.  When I got it I just stared at it for a little while, that thing was HUGE, I was like, I can’t finish this!  I tried to go sit outside to see if I would strike a conversation with any of  the groups outside, as I stood there looking for a seat I just saw everyone in their own world, laughing and talking amongst them, no  one even looked up.  I went back inside and sat by myself. I took a bite of my sub, it was really good and I was so hungry, the coke tasted different, but I drank it anyway! Lol

I felt the locals were just staring at me, not in a bad way, just like feeling sorry for me because I was alone.  After walking those few hours, I still felt clumsy with the poles and my pack.  I walked to the bathroom crashing into everything, I splashed some water on my face to freshen up before I continued on. I walked outside to get going and saw that almost everyone that had been sitting outside was gone.   So I followed the ones that were just passing through, boy was I in trouble again, the next part was going UP!!! Yupp, here we go again. I was stopping almost every 5 minutes, it was crazy. I finally began walking in a straight line again but after walking since 8 in the morning and seeing that it was already like 4pm, I looked at my phone to see how much longer I had to walk to get to O’Porrino. When I saw that it said like another hour, I was like “oh, hell no.” I found a huge rock by the road and I sat down, with pack and all.  At that moment I felt so alone, and I was done, my body could not move, I mean literally. I felt the heaviness of my pack, I felt my legs were glued to the ground and tears starting flowing.  Who to call, who to reach out to at that moment. That’s when I posted a message on the Camigas page, asking for help, like the Camigas would be able to just fly over and pick me up.  What were they gonna do?  I had no idea that even though they would not be able to pick me up, the support and encouraging words that I received with that post was just AMAZING and some would now be checking in on me throughout my journey.

I couldn’t post any of this on my page because all I could think of was family commenting, “I TOLD YOU, YOU COULDN’T DO IT,” which would just add to that small voice in my head screaming at me “see, you are a quitter” “how embarrassing that it’s only your first day and you are already calling a taxi.” My body and my feet hurt, but my heart hurt even more because I felt like a total failure.  Most of us say that we are our worst enemy, well that includes me for sure, I AM MY WORST CRITIC AS WELL. My head was screaming to get my ass up and keep going, my body shut down completely and told me, YOU AIN’T GOING ANYWHERE!!

I needed a taxi, so I searched and just called, I didn’t care about roaming, about what my bill would look like, I just could not take ONE MORE STEP.  I heard a voice on the other end, and of course what was the first thing he asked me, “WHERE ARE YOU?”  I lost it, I started bawling!!  I had NO IDEA where I was, how was he supposed to come get me if I couldn’t even tell him where I was.  He asked if there were any signs, any houses around. I said, well yeah, there are houses, sitting right outside one. The next words out of his mouth would be like telling me to go steal something! He said, “well, go knock on the door”,  he had no idea what and who he had just asked to go do that! YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT AGAIN!!!  MEEE, GO KNOCK ON SOMEONE’S DOOR, ARE YOU NUTS?

You see, I can ask for help for ANYONE and EVERYONE EXCEPT for myself.  Facing my giants had begun, the first lesson of my Camino had just presented itself.

The Camino Provides!!


I had no choice, how else was I going to get this taxi driver to come get me.  So I drop my pack and walk over to the gate, here it goes. I rang the doorbell, it didn’t take long for a lady to open and all I could say was, “can you please tell the taxi driver where I am”, of course my voice is cracking, tears are just rolling down my face.  Her facial expression changed instantly to one of worry, she told me “oh my, no, no, don’t cry, you’re ok” she got on the phone and told the driver where I was.  She asked if I was alone and I turned to look at my pack and I said yes, she walked over and picked up my pack and my poles and invited me into her front yard.  At a patio table, there was another older lady sitting there and offered me the other chair, the one that opened the door asked me if I wanted some grapes, and I said yes, I would love some, so she went and brought me a handful of grapes and even some fresh pears.  As I sat there waiting I thought, well I think I just encountered my first Camino Angels.  Both of them were so sweet to me, they asked me questions and told me I was brave for even attempting this by myself, they didn’t realize that I was so ready to quit and it was just my first day!  The Angels opened their doors to a total stranger, the tenderness I felt was indescribable, they were really concerned about the shape I was in.  The taxi didn’t take very long and he too was worried, I wondered what would happen in our world, at home, would we open our doors to a stranger?  Would we offer the same kindness and tenderness and comfort to someone we don’t know? What do you think?

Thanks for reading…of course stay tuned!


Walking into Spain!

I know it has been a while but I’m back to continue to re-live my journey through Spain.

I went through that scary tunnel, but it was a short walk through there, you come out the other side and walk up to the border between Portugal and Spain.  I had been looking at pictures of the bridge which were breathtaking and now, on that day, I was there, right in front of that same bridge about to cross into Spain. I thought i was still dreaming.  My selfies are still not perfect but here are some pictures of this amazing bridge and its surrounding waters. The views of part of the Rio Mouro were just beautiful.  I stood there for a few minutes, just taking it all in.  I was in no hurry.

When you go through life rushing or so busy trying to raise a family, working on healing broken hearts, forgiving others for the wrong done to you or forgiving yourself for any wrong done to others, you miss out on the beauty of life, the small things go past you without notice.  You always hear those famous words, “stop and smell the roses” but when you are so used to just existing, those words go in one ear and out the other.

But at that moment, nothing else mattered; I stopped to admire the view, standing still, if only for a few minutes. I lost myself in thought, finding peace with the sight of the blue waters that seemed to go on and on!


I finally crossed the bridge, slowly, crossed paths with a couple of pilgrims and said my first “Buen Camino.”  Once across the bridge, I was in Spain, the first thing I come to is a sign reminding me what I was doing there “CAMINO DE SANTIAGO.”  I had to make sure I was looking for the little yellow arrows so I wouldn’t get lost.  As I was about to turn a corner, there was a gas station and I was thirsty so I stopped to get some bottled water.  I still felt so clumsy with my pack and my walking poles, thank God my arm/shoulder were not hurting and I can maneuver enough to slide my pack back into place.

I came up to this castle looking building which is actually a cathedral. Santa Maria de la Asuncion, here is a little bit of history of this Romanesque and Gothic-style Catholic church.

tui catedral

This Roman Catholic church is in the Tui region of Galicia, Spain. It is located at Plaza de San Fernando in the center of the town.


Construction began in the 12th century and the North portal and layout derive from this age. The main facade (1225) however is of a later Gothic style. The main chapel located in the choir was completed in 1699 by Castro Canseco. The interior has a large prominent retablo de la Expectacion, and a large altar of relics in the Chapel of the Relics. The cloister is in Gothic style.


  1. Jump up ^ Diocese of Tui-Vigo, entry on church.



And here is where I had my first and ONLY weird/creepy encounter haha.  As I admired the cathedral I wanted to take a “selfie”, but as you might have noticed, still a work in progress in that department!! So this man approached me and asked if I wanted him to take a picture for me and I said yes, well he kinda got too close and was rearranging my hair and I’m like, uhmmm you are way too close to me!!!! But i said, whatever, just take the picture so I can go on my way and of course I am not too fond of taking picture of myself, but the end result was not so bad, at the end of the day, this is who I am and it didn’t matter anymore what my appearance was.  I was walking in Spain and nothing else mattered.


I stopped in the Camino office and then I went on my way.  As I walked within the town and walking on stone streets all I could think of is, wow, I felt I was walking into Roman times, I felt like at the end of the street I would come up to see Jesus. The feeling of walking though here is like nothing I have felt before.  Now I wish I’ve taken more time to see more of the town, to have seen inside the grounds of the cathedral.  All this just means that I will have to go back, right?

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I been slow to update, I am afraid to find out what happened to me after my Camino, mine differs from so many stories I’ve read but I feel the need to be as honest as I can with myself so thatI can truly understand the lessons the Camino was teaching. Will I do it again,  the answer is a definite YESSSS! stay tuned


1st day in Porto, Portugal

After a few hours of sleep I woke up and guess what?  I was still in Europe!! I don’t think it had sunk in that I was actually far, far away from home, from anyone I knew, I wasn’t meeting anyone there, this was it, I was on my own.  I took a shower and got dressed, I rearranged my pack and even though I had not even walked yet, I knew that I had taken things I really didn’t need. This was the first time I left some things behind, I hope someone enjoyed the things I left, lol.  I took a deep breath and put my pack on my back.  Quick rewind…The day before I left the states I had a few cortisone shots on my shoulder, I had been having pain since that January and after 4 months with pain getting worse and now I couldn’t even lift my arm above my head and after months of sleepless nights, I finally went to the doctor, the motions to find out what was wrong began and the shots were my last effort to try to relieve some pain before I left.  My arm hurt the entire way to Portugal but when I put the backpack on, it seemed like the pack was leaning more on my right shoulder so it helped to the point to even forget about the pain.  Well, at least for a while!!



I felt so strange, I felt that I just didn’t know what I was doing. I was nervous about beginning my walk and whether I would get lost or find my way okay. I felt so clumsy with my pack and my walking poles, the poles were just getting in my way haha. I sat there and had a bite to eat while looking out the window and just amazed that I was sitting there in Portugal. If someone would have told me years ago that this day would come I would’ve told them they were nuts. I sat in silence a few people came in to eat and I felt they all looked at me funny, like they were thinking I looked like a deer with headlights, I’m sure no one was paying attention to me and my clumsiness, but this is my little voice talking crap already!! As I make my way to check out I’m still feeling super clumsy haha. I check out and as I walk out the hotel door I stand there for a second and take a deep breath and told myself HERE WE GO!!!


Across the street from the Hotel is where I would start my Camino, I would walk through a Fortress The Valenca do Minho Fortress is over 800 years old and carries a long history.  I walked towards the fortress and I encounter my first “mini-hill”.  I walk up and go to the entrance but not knowing where I was going and seeing that cars were entering through there I thought, well that’s for cars so I go right…uhmm WRONG!! I decided that I would pull out my poles. I extend one, check!! As I extend the other one, I kinda pull too hard and I take the whole half of my pole out…OOOPS!!! In trying to put it back in I push too hard and I almost bent the darn thing…and being that I was by myself I was like “REALLY CECILIA, YOU HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED AND ALREADY BREAKING STUFF”!! I had to just smile, but I fixed it, I was good!! So I walk along the outer parts of the fortress, not knowing if I was on the right path, but after walking a little I realize that yeah, definitely NOT THE RIGHT WAY!!! OMG, my adventure had begun for sure.  I go back to the “car entrance” and I just walk on the edge, cars were passing by so I just had to be careful. I was like a small tunnel, very rustic, very old looking. As I walk out of it I see a statue of a virgin so I stop there for a moment just to ask for guidance on this Camino I had just begun. Inside the fortress there are many stores with handmade items for sale, it was early so people were barely opening up and setting up for the day.  I lost the arrows, so I ended up on the upper ends of the fortress where I could see the bridge to Spain…yeah, it didn’t look close!!! I’m like, oh look there is the bridge I gotta cross…how the heck do I get there!!!


I just kept walking “in circles” haha….I finally had to ask and I was pointed in the right direction…OH LOOK, ARROWS!!!


I had to go underground (or so it felt like it), it kinda looked scary, I stood there and I’m telling myself…wth, I gotta go in there!!!! Yupp, there is the yellow arrow…


Stay tuned, this is just about an hour into it…join me to find out what happened.  Let me know what you think so far…hope you keep checking in!!

Sept 15th…



September 15th came. The day had finally arrived, my countdown app finally showed Zero days after starting at 288. I as nervous and excited, will I cry, didn’t cry. I said goodbye to my cousin, passed security and soon I was walking down the ramp to enter the plane.  Even the plane was different, I had never been on a plane that size that had so many seats, ones with individual seats that incline like a bed and others that are normal.  The flight did not seem long, I was tired so I slept most of the way, I was so tired that I hope that I didn’t lean my head on my neighbors ha!  Houston-London-Madrid-Porto.  I arrived late and had to wait for 3 hours for the next bus to take me to Valenca where I would spend the night and begin my Camino the next day.  I was so nervous once I got off the bus, it was 11pm, I didn’t know where the hotel was and I was in PORTUGAL!!!! Omgoodness, I was in Europe, by myself, it was dark and I wasn’t sure where to go.



So I walk away, at a small distance I saw some people and I walked towards them but then I changed my mind, I got scared and stopped, I stood there for a few seconds and turned the other way, back towards the bus station.  You know, I use my GPS all the time, with the nerves I couldn’t even make out the directions on my phone.  I walked a few steps and there was a girl with her own suitcase so I asked if she knew where the Hotel was but she only pointed towards the street that was on the map.  So my first walk began, like I said the GPS wasn’t helping me, I think it was in shock too, now it was giving me directions in Europe and not in the US lol.  Since it was late, as I walked, I saw a few men and yes, I felt a little scared, but they didn’t even turn to look at me, I just kept walking.  After I walked which seemed like forever, I came to the Hotel which was RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE BUS STATION…you know those people that I saw and walked towards and turned around…yes, you guessed it, the Hotel was right there!!!!


I had my reservation so it was an easy check-in. My room looked just like the picture above.  It was funny because I put my bag down and walked towards the balcony and the door was slightly open from the top part so I thought to myself, “geez, they gave me a room with a broken sliding door”, but as I carefully moved it I realized that you could close it and open the whole door to walk outside to the balcony. Don’t judge me, I’ve never seen doors like that ha!! I was soo tired and there was really nothing to see that late.  I checked in with my daughter, told her I arrived safely and was in the hotel room. I sat there for a few moments in silence, it felt weird to sit there by myself.  I thought, this is it, I’m here on my own, I don’t have any plans with anyone tomorrow to start the day. A mixture of emotions surrounded me, I took a shower and tried to get some sleep, I don’t think I slept a wink that night!!

NIGHT ONE DOWN!!! Not too bad right?  Ha, just getting started!




It’s been 5 months since I went on my Camino. I have shared some of my story with family and friends but had not touched the keyboard to write about my Camino.  I am not sure why the words wouldn’t come.  I’ve wrote a few things on the APOC and Camigas pages which I have been told that I inspired a few Camigas with my words. But I just couldn’t get to writing about the experience. I guess I just wasn’t ready to share with everyone else. My Camino was physically and mentally challenging. It was also physically and emotionally painful, but, it also allowed me to see what I was capable of and taught me some hard lessons about ASKING FOR HELP FOR MYSELF!!!

I met a couple of women last week and as the conversation went on, I mentioned I had gone on a “Spiritual Walk” in Spain and right away she asked if this was Santiago de Compostela and of course I said YES!!! After we discussed what our meeting was actually about, the Camino came back into the conversation and I told them a few things about my walk, a little about the physically pain I felt as well as the brokenness I felt as I ate alone in each town. I shared the lessons that the Camino was teaching me early on and as I get teary eyed in certain parts, both of them at the same time told me.  OMG you HAVE TO SHARE YOUR STORY, you are inspiring us just with what you are sharing now.  So, after being told by several times I HAD TO SHARE MY STORY I have decided to start writing and sharing MY CAMINO!!!  I believe that I am ready to finally tell the story of my Camino.  Hope my story inspires others to walk this pilgrimage at least ONCE in their lifetime!!!

With love, lets begin!!